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Samantha Cruz
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What’s your first ever impression of a Filipina?

You might think Filipinas are timid, but don’t let the appearances fool you — these women are more than what they appear to be.

Filipinas are generally sociable by nature, but it can take some time before you get to know them on a personal level. The moment a Filipina trusts you, she’ll slowly learn how to break out of her shell. If you’re lucky enough, she might even show her cheeky side!

There’s never a dull moment with these ladies. It’s one of the reasons why foreign men are easily attracted…

You’re about to marry a beautiful Filipina — the love of your life.

You vividly remember the day she said yes as the happiest day of your life so far. But the more you’re inching closer to D-Day, the more your mind gets restless and clouded with questions and hesitations.

Are you really ready to give up your life as a single?

Now, the thought of walking down the aisle feels similar to how you’d think walking down a tightrope is: scary and nerve-wracking. It has become something you’d want to back out of even before you’ve started.

This is…

Humans aren’t hard-wired to be alone.

From the moment you were born to your current situation, you have mostly been with the company of others. Loneliness, to most, is not a satisfactory lifestyle. This is why most of us look for someone to be with for the rest of our lives.

But the biggest question the hopeful searchers, people like you, pose is, how?

Attraction and courtship in humans are complex. Not only because they involve long periods of assessments, but because we don’t have a universal standard of attraction.

People are attracted to different things and characteristics. What attracts…

From 17th century Welsh men giving women hand-carved lovespoons, to Mexicans using whistling as a means of exchanging sweet nothings — the world is brimming with different traditions when it comes to courtship.

And the Philippines isn’t one to fall behind.

These days online dating is the fad. But if you’re wooing a Filipina, it still pays to know her traditions. Who knows, by learning about these, you might just get a trick or two to impress her? Besides, when it comes to romance, sometimes the outdated ways tend to be the most romantic ones.

To help you with this…

Filipina women truly are a highly sought-after and widely popular love interest among many Western nations nowadays, and it’s been that way for quite a long time now — and for good reason, too.

It’s arguable that they just don’t make women like these anywhere else, and you might not always find a good woman in every quest.

These women in particular have a whole bunch of desirable traits that are compatible with that of the everyday Western man, fulfilling checkmarks like physical attractiveness, emotional stability, easy-goingness, a somewhat passive yet not overly-submissive vibe — all of which contribute to…

The 7,000 islands of the Philippines are some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in all of Southeast Asia — if not the whole world.

It’s a country teeming with untouched natural resources, abundant beaches and waterfalls, and pristine land formations that attract a large amount of tourism each year, not to mention some of the prettiest women you’ll ever see.

A whole lot of people in the Western hemisphere claim that the Philippines is their favorite place to be, but not a whole lot of people are familiar with the wonders that Cebu City has to offer.

Cebu is…

Similar to how different dialects are variations of a main language group, women in Cebu City are quite different from girls in Metro Manila.

Manila comprises many large, urbanized metropolitan areas, and it is home to the “big cities” of the Philippines. Naturally, as the country’s capital, it attracts more tourism and international spotlight on a global scale.

In the world’s eyes, there’s not that many physical differences in the other cities of the Philippines compared to that of Metro Manila aside from their size, but you’d be surprised to know how culturally diverse each individual region of the Philippines…

Is getting married a rational choice, or an emotional one?

Or is it both?

What do you think when you hear of interracial couples getting married? What if one of them is from a developing country?

In the Philippines, people’s opinions on the matter are divided, to say the least. The country has become one of the most popular destinations for foreign men looking for a long term relationship. While the number of Filipino women getting married to foreign men is growing, so is the disparity between society’s opinion on this arrangement.

Some point fingers at these couples and accuse…

Love makes people blind. But when you are with someone a lot older or younger than you, it makes people turn their heads in suspicion.

You might have just gotten out of a terrible marriage, and choosing to move forward, ventured back into the dating world. She might have lost all trust in men her age after her getting her heart broken time and time again. There are many factors as to why people choose to be with someone much younger or older than them.

But in our society, it’s easier to call it “people taking advantage of others.”


Love knows no boundaries, and the steady increase of international relationships is proof of this. According to this study, out of 416,542 marriages in the Philippines, 15,047 of them were Filipinos married to foreigners.

Filipinos have become quite the popular choice among foreign nationals.

Which is why if you’re planning to woo that Filipina you’ve met through a common friend or online, chances are you’re not the only one. …

Samantha Cruz

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